5/15中環漲停 錸德減資利多帶動

5/15中環漲停 錸德減資利多帶動 利多: 同是減資概念股的錸德公告減資 利多: 買進台積電1066張 利多: 營收增加 利空: 2020 Q1再度虧損 利空: 雖然股價漲停,但外資淨賣出,且連續淨賣出六天 減資後投資人持有股數如何變化? 如何查詢公司淨利公告?

What I Learned from Investing

Since 2012, I started my passion for investing and began trading for stocks, options, CFDs (forex) and automatic trading. I implemented some strategies like value investing, Turtle Trader, options (spread, sell side) and automatic trading via MQL4. Here I wanna share what I learned from the journey of investing.