Encountering the wild cute monkeys again

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The Covid made people sick of staying at home. So we went out to the mountains to get some fresh air.

It’s nice to sweat when hiking the Yangmingshan mountains.

We saw more and more people traveling to the mountains even in all the restrictions of the pandemic. 

We encountered a group of monkeys again. Some with babies holding in their belly. It’s so cute, especially the small cute monkeys. 

People throw many bananas at the monkeys. 

Actually many attractions are closed due to the pandemic, so we’re also afraid to encounter the police when going into some restricted areas.

And, we reached Xiaoyoukeng, staying just a little bit near the parking area to enjoy the cold air, green landscapes, and the sun.

Suddenly the police car came with the loud horn, talking with the speaker to warn us to get out of the area, or we get fined of nt 1500 for illegal parking and illegally entering the pandemic-restricted area.

We’re shocked and surprised, and quickly left without being fined.