Diary of Happiness

Life is great. Time is precious. I believe the more we think about happiness, the more we’re happy. The more we think about unhappiness, the more we look sad or old. I would love to write down my every little happiness and share it with the world. Feel free to comment and give me some feedback.

2021 Mar 18

1 Today I went to the gym to make my body healthier. That was so relaxing exercising with the nice music in the gym.

2 And then I went to the library to search for books I would like to read. I then found two books I would love to study:

<<How to Speak Your Spouse’s Language: Ten Easy Steps to Great Communication from One of America’s Foremost Counselors>> by H. Norman Wright  

<<Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship Without Blowing Up or Giving in>> by Laurie Puhn

3 And then I took a walk in the park beside the library. That was so relaxing that I smelled the fragrance from the plants or flower and I saw a male gay couple holding hands walking while talking, which was very sweet.

2021 Mar 28

Today I went surfing with my friend. It’s so sunny. The beach was called 中角灣 at Jinshan District, New Taipei. The sand was so beautiful like gold. We borrowed a surfing board. It’s quite a pleasure that I successfully caught the wave and stood on the board around 5 or 6 times. Though sunny, the water was cold. It’s so relaxing to lie on the sand and enjoy the beach time. When we went back to Taipei passing by Yangmingshan, we saw the full big moon at night. It’s so beautiful.

2021 May 24

I’m happy that I didn’t get the Covid yet. These days the Covid cases have surged in Taiwan. There are 300 cases on average a day.

2021 May 29

Time to share something I learned from the book “How to Speak Your Spouse’s Language”

Whether or not a relationship is healthy depends upon the thought life in the couples. What we do or say reflects our inner thoughts. If we think about character assassinations, we say and do things related to character assassinations, rather than character adoration. If your partner does something good, appreciate them rather than suspecting. If you suspect them, you limit the possibility that your partner does good deeds on you again. No matter the degree of your happy relationship, examine your inner thoughts first, and what you do to improve your inner thoughts will benefit the people around you. 

2021 August 24

It’s so sad I saw a kitty dead on the street, in the traffic. Such a cute little cat. I hope people can drive slowly, watch the road, in order not to kill small animals.