Giada’s vegan biscotti 紀雅的全素餅乾

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(English menu and post below the Chinese!)

🎆🎇🎉🎊🎀 新年菜單出爐了!


  • 蘋果肉桂甜餅(Frittelle di mele)
  • 甜果醬餃子(Ravioli dolci)
  • 天使翅膀餅乾(Chiacchiere)
  • 托斯卡尼杏仁餅(Cantucci)


  • 巧克力堅果醬
  • 混合漿果醬
  • 柔滑花生醬
  • 柔滑栗子醬






🏷️訂購2000或3000並附註G VBfreegiftCNY2020,可獲得免費禮物









English menu for Chinese new year

Chinese New Year’s 🎉🧨🎆🧧 menu is out!

Menù includes, as Italian traditional specialties:

  • Frittelle di mele
  • Tortellini dolci di marmellata (Ravioli dolci)
  • Chiacchiere
  • Cantucci

As spreadable jar sets, decorated with a red bow, the menu includes:

  • Spreadable nut cream with chocolate
  • Spreadable mixed berry marmalade
  • Spreadable creamy peanut butter
  • Spreadable creamy chestnut marmalade

More info

🍪Valid from today 8th January 2020 to the 31st of February 2020.

🍩Check the page for the updates! And flip the menu to know the different options!

🧁Starting from 1000 twd to 3000 twd for Italian sweet specialties to spreadable jar sets!

🥞100% vegan and cruelty-free!

🥧🥧🥧Free gift for orders of 2000 or 3000 twd if when you order you write: GVBfreegiftCNY2020 🥧🥧🥧


🍫Order at least two days in advance from the date of delivery and before of ordering ask if you have any allergy or preferences.

🍬Chinese new year’s orders will be delivered in Chinese New Year’s themed red boxes.

🍭Possible to add a Chinese new year’s card with a dedication with 50 twd.

🍨Free delivery on any order in Taipei city and New Taipei City!

Enjoy and have a good day 😊❤️🌸…/chinese-new-year-s-menu-giada-s…

For order of only one sweet or for orders of set of sweets not in the menu please enquire about it on the messenger of this Facebook page.